Jabra CRUISER2 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone [BULK PACKAGING]

rate 3.5
  • Brand: Jabra
  • Category: Car Kits
  • stand-by time: 480 Hrs

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Make and receive calls while your hands are firmly on the wheel thanks to the Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone. This high-end speakerphone features all of the best components available, and boasts Jabra's state-of-the-art Noise Blackout technology and a dual-microphone system to ensure the highest levels of call clarity. Additional benefits include multi-point, A2DP, easy-pair, a built in FM transmitter, and Phonebook Sync, which lets the Cruiser2 announce the identity of incoming callers. Better yet, the Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth Speakerphone slips on to your visor with ease, making installation a cinch.


Technical Details
Stand-by Time:

480 Hrs



Connector Port:

Micro USB


Multipoint technology, Easy Pair



Bluetooth Compliant:




Talk Time:

14 Hrs



  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, the Jabra CRUISER2 handsfree speakerphone lets you make calls while driving and stay focused on the road, all at the same time.To start with, its voice gives you simple pairing instructions the first ti
  • After that you just put it on your sun-visor and it will connect automatically with your mobile every time
  • It will also synchronize with your phonebook
  • What's more, its Noise Blackout technology and dual microphone system ensure the conversation always sounds just rightIt is also equipped with an FM transmitter and A2DP, which allow you to stream your music from your phone to the car stereo


Nathaniel Allen 1.0
10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
Take what I write here with a dose of skepticism; one buyer's bad experience should be set in contrast to any other buyer's good experience.I never neg a product just because I receive a defective unit -- I send it back, and get a new one (that, so far, always works), and chalk it up as a fluke. I also avoid reviewing specific sellers (Seller1On1, in this case) in product reviews. But I've convinced myself that this is more than a coincidence, something other than a fluke, and that this seller i ... s passing off cosmetically A+ customer returns as new.I purchased two of these units from Amazon -- both in the same order, and shipped together.I charged up the first unit, and it didn't work. It paired successfully to three phones (a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a BlackBerry Storm 2, and a Palm Pre Plus), but the speaker only intermittently worked as I worked up and down the volume buttons. More >
iSpecs 1.0
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Just received this today - ahead of estimated delivery date (thank you Amazon - you're consistently good at this) - but I'm returning it today as well. Item arrived in 3 self-seal plastic bags with no instruction manual. No problem, I thought - went to the Jabra website and downloaded the instruction manual.The manual describes the included charger as a USB cable with a 9v car-lighter adapter - allowing charging either in the car or at your computer. Great. Reading further on, the manual recom ... mends a minimum 2 hour charging to insure maximum battery life, and then a 2 hour charge every 30 days. Very reasonable and logical.So I pull out the charger from one of the plastic bags and guess what - it's an AT&T cellphone charger - hardwired to the adapter without any USB connection. No problem - I'll plug it into the power outlet in my car and let it charge for two hours. Wrong. More >
Mr. & Mrs. T 1.0
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
I ordered two Jabra CRUISER2 Bluetooth Car Speakerphones. I read all the reviews and was a little concerned with some buyers stating that they received 'used' merchandise. Over-all the seller has good ratings so I figured the bad reviews were just from those people that can find something wrong with anything.My order arrived early. That was exciting! When I opened the box the product was in zip lock plastic baggies, just like the reviews stated. That didn't bother me, the product was listed as B ... ULK SHIPPING. Also as stated in the other reviews there was no users manual or instructions. That didn't bother me either. I found the manual in seconds on the internet. What did bother me is that I DID receive what appears to be not only a USED product but a product that didn't even work AT ALL.One Cruiser2 came with the USB charger just as described and it works perfectly. I just got out of my car talking with my Brother for over an hour and it is AWESOME. More >
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